About Us!

Burq Cables started Manufacturing electrical cables and wires in since 1975. The Production line ranges from Insulated Wires and Cables for domestic usage to overhead Transmission lines, consisting of standard hard drawn copper conductor, (ACCR) and all aluminium conductor (AAC), for industrial and commercial usage.

Burq Cables with most modern and automatic cables plant and having the Sophisticated facility of testing, stands Guarantee to Our high quality products manufactured strictly in accordance with the Brithish Standards Specifications.

Burq Cables feels proud of our Skilled and highly motivated team of production staff and engineers who stand committed to Ensure customers satisfaction. We are fully responsible for maintaining strict quality controls starting from the use of high grade imported materials till the packing of our products.

By bringing together under one roof, the most modern and automatic cable plant, sophosticated testing facility and a highly committed team, always eager to serve the customers, Burq Cables has become a trusted name in the field of PVC cables and overhead conductors.