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Burq Cables started Manufacturing electrical cables and wires in since 1975. The Production line ranges from Insulated Wires and Cables for domestic usage to overhead Transmission lines, consisting of standard hard drawn copper conductor, (ACCR) and all aluminium conductor (AAC), for industrial and commercial usage.

Our Mission!

Steward Cable, Inc. understands the needs of geophysical contractors, equipment suppliers and the Geophysical industry as whole. Our mission is to provide the latest in technology, safety and turnkey delivery while providing cost effective and reliable solutions to our customers.

General Information


CONDUCTORS are plain annealed copper complying with BS 6360. Conductors of single core cables & multi core cables upto 10 mm sq are circular and those of multi core cables above 10mm sq are generally shaped. Reduced Neutral conductors & special-purpose conductors are generally circular.


Insulation consists of extruded PVC complying with BS 7655. The grade of PVC Compound used for insulation is chosen to give good insulation resistance.

Core Identification:

The cores of all cables are accordance with the following sequence.

No of Cores



Red or Black, Yellow, Blue, Green


Red, Black


Red, Yellow, Blue


Red, Yellow, Blue, Black

Laying Up:

The cores of cables having two, three, four cores shall be laid-up with a right-hand or right-and-left hand alternating direction of lay. Cores shall be laid-up in the sequence given above. If necessary, the formation of a compact and reasonably circular cable shall be achieved either by the bedding, or by the application of synthetic fillers and binder tape. It will be possible to strip the fillers, if any, from the cable without damaging the insulation of the cores.


For single core 600/1000 V cables the bedding shall consist of an extruded layer of Polymeric Material compatible with the operating temperature of the cable.

For multi core 600-1000 V cables the bedding shall be either:

  • An Extruded Layer of polymeric material compatible with the operating temperature of the cable.
  • For cables having a nominal conductor area of 16 sq-mm & above it taped bedding comprising two ore more layers of PVC tape or other synthetic tape applied so that any gaps between adjacent edge of each tape of not co-incident.


The armour shall consist of a single layer of wires or aluminium strips. The armour shall be applied helically with a left-hand lay for cables having upto and including five cores. For multi core auxiliary cables, the armour shall be applied helically with the direction of lay.

Opposite to that of the final layer of cores, except that for cables which have been laid-up with alternating right-and-left-hand lay, the armour may be applied with either a right-hand or left-hand lay.

Wire Armour:

Wire armour for cables having two ore more cares shall consist of a single layer of galvarized steel wires. Wire armour of single-core cables shall consist of a single layer of aluminium wires.